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Senior At Home Care Products for Seniors in Palm Desert, CA

A lot of men and women in Palm Desert, CA are reaching the status of senior. At home care product solutions are becoming the new norm. These are high-tech devices and human services that help the fast-ageing population of Palm Desert and surrounding areas. That's great news for the city's elders. After all, most folks don't want to leave their homes if they happen to get less able-bodied with age. Comfort Keepers in Palm Desert, CA are experts at home care help and support. We supply both technology products and respectful hands-on caregiver services.

Emergency Buttons at Your Disposal

We have a range of high-tech senior at home care devices called Personal Emergency Response Systems, or PERS. These are simple to use gadgets that have easy-push buttons which put the senior in touch with someone the moment they press them. PERS systems come in wearable forms or as desktop consoles. Whichever system you choose is down to personal preference and needs.

PERS button functions include:

#1 Emergency button: This puts you in direct contact with an operator at our central monitoring station. The monitoring stations are manned 24/7.
#2 Caretaker button: This keeps the client connected for non-emergency communication.
#3 Help speaker button (optional): Useful for two-way audio

Contact us for a brochure so that you can review all our senior at home care products for seniors.

The 24/7 Connection

Nothing gives greater peace of mind for both seniors and their family than instant 24/7 access to a health care support operator. There is no dialing to do. It's just a simple push of a button that cuts out the need for any middlemen (go-between operators). In other words, your loved one gets straight to the source of support. Even if they can't speak, the moment they raise the alarm, help is on its way. This is first-rate support that never sleeps—which means you can.

For more on our product range for seniors living at home, call us at (760) 203-3233.

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